In the twenty first century, a growth economy is a tech economy. The world now knows there is no alternative. But that has been clear in Wales since the 1970s; which is why there is now an ICT industry of a breadth and maturity rarely seen elsewhere.

A superfast nation

And with the Welsh Assembly Government committed to rolling out Superfast Broadband further and faster than the rest of the UK (and much of Europe), the Welsh competitive advantage is set to continue. By 2016, all business users in urban areas are guaranteed a synchronous 100mb, while rural users will get a minimum 30mb as standard. Such speeds will compete with the Koreans and the world’s other superfast nations.

Blue chip investment

This kind of commitment explains why Wales has long been home to some of the world’s biggest tech brands: IBM, Fujitsu, BT, Sony, Logica, General Dynamics, SAIC, Mitel and Cassidian to name a few.

Such blue chip inward investment is also attracted by a skilled workforce which includes several thousand tech and ICT-related graduates each year.

Best newcomers

And joining these global ICT giants at the heart of the Welsh techosphere are fast-growing young firms such as Cardiff’s Excelerate Technology and Newport’s GoCompare. Both featured in the 2011 Sunday Times Tech Track Top 100 list of the fastest growing tech firms in the UK.

ICT opens doors to every kind of business; and Wales is open for tech.