Super-Premium Brands

Welsh mountain lamb, Welsh Black beef, Aberdaron crab, Gower cockles and mussels, Carmarthen ham, Caerphilly cheese, the Royal Welsh Show, Brains beer – these are super-premium, world class brands. And they are the tiny tip of an extraordinary iceberg of wonderful Welsh produce that makes our small patch of green one of the great food centres of the world.

Traditional talking points

In lamb, beef, fish and shellfish, the Welsh success story is as familiar and well told (see our section on agriculture and farming, for instance), as it is in beer, cider and food retailing. From the award-winning healthy cuts of the Welsh Venison Centre in Brecon to the niche organic fruit and veg, the blend of traditional quality and restless innovation sets Welsh farm produce apart.

World-beating Rachel’s yoghurt

And it’s the same story across the rest of the sector: in alcoholic drinks, eggs, bakery and confectionery, poultry and game, even in yoghurt, in which Rachel’s is now a quietly world-beating brand.

And what about Welsh ice cream?

It may not be as famous as Welsh lamb, but it’s widely admired by those in the know. Just a select few great Welsh ice cream brands would include Sidoli, Brookes Wye Valley Dairy, Cadwaladers, Deeside Creameries, Forte’s, Glaslyn Ices, Heavenly Ice Cream, I am SUB ZERO, Joe’s Ice Cream, Llanfaes Dairy, Lovespoon Gelato, Mary’s Farmhouse, Parisella’s of Conwy, Rachel’s, Shepherd’s Ice Cream and Woodlands Farmhouse Ice Cream.

Five-star dining and world-class festivals

Wales is also increasingly known for innovative cookery by award-winning chefs. From five-star restaurants and award-winning tearooms to gastro pubs in stunning countryside settings, eating out in Wales is a unique experience.  Not to mention Wales’ food festivals, a proud cultural institution including specialist seafood festivals at Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay, and the Cardiff International Food and Drink festival, which attracts suppliers from twin towns of Nantes, Stuttgart and Hordland.

True Taste

The dominance of the food and drink industry is supported and reinforced by the Welsh Government’s True Taste brand, which, along with the development of Protected Food Name products, leads the drive to cement the position of the Welsh food and drink offering.

Known as the “Oscars” of the industry, the True Taste Awards identify the best food, drink and eateries in Wales.

We don’t make a fuss about it, but the food and drink industries are a unique Welsh success story and strength.