With an abundance of natural resources and world-class expertise in environmental consultancy, Wales is truly a Green nation. Valued at £4.1 billion, and employing over 40,000 people, the energy and environment sector is one of the biggest in Wales and boasts higher growth than the UK average.

A low carbon economy

Harnessing this power, Wales is set to make radical progress in the field of sustainable energy. Once a world leader in carbon-based energy, Wales aims to make the same advances in low carbon energy. And with its wealth of natural resources, existing knowledge base and the presence of global players, Wales is perfectly placed to take a lead role in this transition.

Bold targets

With an ambitious programme that is already cutting the carbon footprint by 3% annually, the Welsh Government is putting sustainable development at the heart of decision-making. By 2025, Wales aims to renewably generate twice as much electricity per year. And by 2050, Wales plans to meet almost all its local energy needs by low carbon production.

A bright future

The territory is unchartered, and the opportunity potential is huge. With an estimated £50 billion of investments in low carbon electricity production over the next 10-15 years, sustainable growth will provide jobs, strengthen research and enable massive competitive advantages. But more than this, it will tackle deprivation in Welsh communities and enhance the wellbeing of the population.

Covering all bases

With excellent wind and solar resources, scope for biomass and hydro, and existing nuclear sites and expertise, Wales has all avenues towards a sustainable future covered.

Making waves

Marine energy holds particularly exciting prospects. With a coastline of over 1000 km of untapped power, strategically located deep sea ports, the second highest tidal range in the world and over 10GW of generation capacity, Wales has the potential to become a world-leader in marine energy. Leading global companies, including E.ON, Lunar Energy, npower renewable, Marine Current Turbines and Tidal Energy Ltd., have already discovered Wales’ potential – and with the Government’s commitment to capturing at least 10% of the potential tidal stream by 2025, many more are set to follow.