Wales is synonymous with education. From our Nobel Laureates to our poets, professors and night school students, learning and study are part of the Welsh DNA.

And in the 21st century, that doesn’t just mean that education is central to Welsh culture and sense of identity, it’s also central to how we do business, and to why we’re good at what we’re good at, as well being increasingly big business in itself.

Welsh Nobel Prize Winners

Many of Wales’ 11 universities are global brands with recent Nobel Prizes to their name (such as the Nobel Prize for Medicine that Cardiff University’s Professor Martin Evans won in 2007). Cardiff is a Russell Group University.

Each year, 25,000 foreign students enroll in Welsh universities. That alone represents a direct cash inflow into the Welsh economy – across which it is widely spread – of several hundred million pounds a year.

World class Business School

1,000 of those international students, from more than 120 different countries, enroll in Cardiff Business School alone.  Recognised as a world class business education institution, it is ranked second in the UK for its proportion of “world-leading” research (and 4th in the UK for research excellence overall).

Knowledge transfer to the biotech and pharma sectors

Which is not even to mention the centrality of University-led research to attracting and nurturing the biotech, pharma, ICT and advanced manufacturing companies which make Wales so pre-eminent in those fields.

As well as outstanding universities, we have nearly two dozen further education colleges, providing the superb vocational training which is the lifeblood of a dynamic labour market, in probably still closer partnership with business and industry.

Thriving school sector

Even the school sector offers increasing opportunities for education businesses to sell in services and often high-value, hi-tech goods. And the Welsh primary and secondary sectors are well-resourced, forward-thinking and successful.

Nelson Mandela once famously said that “education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world”. And that’s exactly what we’re doing in Wales.