Expert Reports

Looking for something more specific? To ensure we are providing the most specialist content available, we have sourced expert research reports from some of the leading authorities in international business and trade. With a focus on meatier topics in the realm of global export and investment, our reports are commissioned from highly-respected industry writers who provide exceptional, first-rate knowledge unavailable in the public domain.


For a more interactive experience, we have an exciting range of webinars. From lectures to workshops to live Q and As, this lively format gives you the chance to engage with world-class analysis from industry experts in real-time – without leaving the comfort of your home or office. And we have sourced some of the most inspiring material around from providers at the top of their game.

Season Focus

In order to pay due attention to the rich and expanding global market, we will be providing a seasonal focus through which we will bring together information on a new export region every six weeks. Through an evolving focus on each individual export markets, we will provide a comprehensive and integrated archive of resources and information which will allow you to explore every angle of the export market that interests you.

Event Calendar

For a round-up of the latest events in international business, export and trading click through to our events page. This bulletin is regularly updated to showcase Wales World Wide own events, as well as those posted by our users. From networking breakfasts to award dinners to lectures and workshops, we keep up-to-date so you don’t have to!