Using the networking facilities on Wales World Wide

On the home page of the website you can access the ‘Meeting Place’ by clicking on the ‘Network Now’ tab. This will then take you through to the ‘Meeting Place’ home screen which explains the features.

Use the red tabs on the right hand side of the screen to easily navigate around the meeting place. There are quick links to your profile, to an activity news feed where you can post an update, a members tab which allows you to easily connect with other Wales World Wide users. The groups tab takes you to the lists of groups so you can choose which groups you want to join. The discussions tab enables users to see the most up to date activity on the site.

How to use the meeting place


Explore the activity and join the latest conversation by looking through the discussions pages. This gives users a bird’s eye view of the different discussions that are taking place across the groups.


Explore the groups by clicking on what is of interest to you. Once you have clicked through you can read what has previously been discussed and commented upon in the group by other users.

How do I make a comment?

To add a response make sure you are signed into your account and then click on the comment button.

How do I start a discussion?

To add a new topic of discussion in a group click on the ‘Discussions’ link on the tabbed bar at the top of the group. To post your new comment you must click on the ‘New Topic’ link which allows you to add a title, content and tags to your new topic of discussion. In order to post a new topic, both the title and comment fields must be filled in. To complete, press the post topic tab.

How can I see who else is discussing in my group? How do I make a connection?

To view members of a group click on the ‘Members’ link at the top of the group, you can view profiles and add connections this way. By adding a new connection you can track each other’s activity and extend your business network.

Invite connections to a discussion group through the ‘Send Invites’ link on the bar of the group.


Other networking features include

What is the panel at the top of the screen?

Wales World Wide users can access the meeting place through the grey bar at the top of the screen; this bar is another tool that provides easy access to the discussions, groups, activity feed and member profiles. Users will also be highlighted to any ‘Notifications’ through the bar such as connection requests and other members commenting on discussions.

How do I send a direct message? How do I update my privacy settings?

In ‘My Account’ users can also access ‘Messages’ which allows private and direct messages between connections. You can change privacy and user settings through ‘My Account’.

Can I access the meeting place from any other sections of the website?

Users can also access discussions through links provided in the ‘Sectors’ section of the website leading them straight to the conversation.