What We Do

Wales World Wide is an active, online business networking and information sharing service. As well as networking, we draw our members by providing news, research and event information and give businesses a platform to showcase their products.

Aimed at those with an interest or an affiliation with Wales, Wales World Wide caters for Welsh businesses and the far reaching Welsh Diaspora. A constantly updated source of information, Wales World Wide focuses specifically on export opportunities and cultural highlights from Wales and beyond.

We provide a range of services to our members to continually supply content of interest and relevance in developing international business links:

  • - searchable directories of businesses both in Wales and abroad
  • - 24-hour networking opportunities
  • - live forums and active discussions
  • - expert paid for written and video content on specialist topics, including strategies for entry into key overseas markets and international market sectors
  • - news comment and updates on key business topics
  • - links to relevant events international business in Wales or abroad

Our Aims

Wales around the world

Do you know what these four have in common: the global Chairman of the Board of Sony, the Chief Executive of Molson Coors, the President of L’Oreal, and a satellite and space entrepreneur?

They’re all Welsh. Sir Howard Stringer, Peter Swinburn, Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones and David Williams are the tip of the iceberg of Welsh talent that reaches into every corner of the business world. At senior levels in serious companies in key markets all over the world, there are Welsh people, or people who have lived, worked or visited Wales. At the very least, they have an affinity – but more often a powerful passion, love and loyalty – for Wales.

That is what unites them. But there was nothing to connect them. Until now.

Wales World Wide has had visits from more than 150 countries worldwide. Our aim is to continually increase our international following to create conversation, business opportunities and topical news sharing between Wales and the world.

Harnessing the potential

Wales World Wide connects people in a single meeting place and brings together those passionate about advancing Wales’s international profile, while allowing Welsh businesses to present their capability and ambition for the future.

Enhancing Wales’s visibility in the global marketplace is high on the agenda for both Welsh businesses and the Welsh Government. With a forward-thinking approach, the Wales World Wide concept is doing just that. And we are proud not only to exhibit the best of Welsh products, businesses and services, but to harness the worldwide affinity for Wales that lives in every corner of the globe.

Our Partners

In order to deliver a premium quality service, we have partnered with world class sponsors. Giants in their respective industries, our partners are blue chip. With this level of expertise on board, our first-class provision is strengthened by the knowledge and resources of companies at the top of their game.