A Swansea-based translation company has expanded its business operations by opening a new office on Madison Avenue, New York.

Wolfestone is now offering language translation services, multilingual SEO, transcreation and localisation from its American hub. It also has offices in Berlin and London, and is headquartered in Swansea.

The company has 40 staff in-house and more than 5,000 translators, subtitles and voiceover artists. Its business plans is to triple sales to £6m a year in the next three years, and is geared towards specialist industries from legal and technical to media and NGOs.

Wolfestone entered its 10th year of trading on October 1, and is working with clients such as NATO, Coca Cola, Mercedes and IBM.

Anna Bastek, CEO of Wolfestone, said: “America is the obvious choice for us with growth year-on-year for nine years… the sheer size of the US market and the opportunities out there, it made sense to enter that market. Our first US office is in New York. We know there are over 800 languages spoken there alone so it’s a good fit for us.

“China and Russia are really tricky as different search engines like Baidu and Yandex apply. Our SEO and translation experts ensure meaning, reachability and impact remains, so that the marketing remains 100% on brand.”