Wales World Wide, the online network that promotes exports and inward investment for Welsh businesses, has partnered with CILT Cymru.

The partnership will see Wales World Wide become a Business Language Champion, working with CILT Cymru to raise awareness among young people of the importance of learning languages before they enter the workplace.

CILT Cymru is the National Centre for Language funded by the Welsh Government.  Its prime objectives are to promote a greater national capability in languages and to support the work of all those concerned with language teaching and learning within all sectors of education and in business.

Mitchell Gadd, Content and Marketing Manager at Wales World Wide, said: “We are delighted to partner with CILT Cymru to help promote the value of learning languages from an early age.

A recent study by the British Chambers of Commerce highlighted a lack of language skills as a concern for businesses that are considering exporting. We are pleased to partner with any organisation like CILT Cymru that works to help remove these barriers and equip people, especially from an early age, with the skills that can allow them to go out and fulfil their potential in the business world as our next generation of exporters.”

Wales World Wide was launched last year in response to the urgent need for growth in the Welsh economy through exports and as the Welsh Government stepped up its drive for international trade through a series of trade missions to key markets.

It uses the digital architecture of social media and online marketing to give Welsh companies a platform to showcase their products, share information and develop contacts internationally. The site has more than 700 members and, since launching, it has had visitors from 137 countries

Carolyn Goodwin, Adviser at CILT Cymru, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be partnered with Wales World Wide. It is this type of symbiotic, collaborative working that has most impact. Wales World Wide and the South Wales Chambers understand that operating effectively in a global economy relies on the right language skills. The long term solution is to ‘grow’ our own workforce at school level and equip them with the  language, communication and cultural skills that will make all the difference in the conduct of business, consolidating relationships with existing suppliers and customers and opening the way to new overseas contacts.

“We call on all businesses to support CILT Cymru and lend their expertise to help raise ambition and achievement as they have a key role to play in the shaping of the future skills agenda.  If, together, we can get this message directly to Head Teachers, pupils and parents through the BLC Scheme, by 2020 we could have a whole cohort of qualified linguists ready to operate effectively in the workplace.”

To read about the scheme, visit  and click on the ‘business’ tab or, alternatively, contact