Penderyn Distillery, the award-winning malt whisky producer based in Wales’s Brecon Beacons, has confirmed plans to install additional whisky stills enabling the distillery to increase its current output and target new international markets.

The expansion is an investment of almost £1,000,000, funded by Penderyn and supported by the Welsh Government.

As a result of the investment, Penderyn will install an additional single pot still, identical to the innovative original which has made the distillery famous, as well as a new two-pot still production unit.

These will be installed at the existing premises and are expected to be completed with the first unit being commissioned in August 2013 and the second in January 2014. During this time distilling operations and the distillery’s highly popular Visitor Centre will remain open and operational.

Following completion of the expansion project, Penderyn expects to increase its annual sales to 500,000 bottles per year in due course. The increase in productivity will enable the distillery to meet the increasing demand in the UK, France and Germany, as well as distributing Penderyn products more extensively throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

In addition to an increase in productivity, the new still arrangement will enable the distillery to experiment with new and creative styles and expressions of single malt.

“Annual sales of our whisky have been steadily climbing since the launch of the brand,” said Stephen Davies, managing director of Penderyn.

“We’re currently producing as much as we can with our existing still so the expansion of our distillery is necessary if we’re to keep up with demand and build our business.

“This is a significant milestone for us: ever since our first bottles hit the shelves in 2004 the quality of our products has shone through, helping us to grow the distillery into a company which sells single malt whisky all over the world. We’re already well distributed in the UK and are investing in new markets such as France and Germany, but expect to expand further throughout Europe. We have ambitions to explore further possibilities in North America and Asia on completion of the expansion project.”