The second Monday in March marks Commonwealth Day, which sees annual celebrations bringing together the 54 modern Commonwealth countries to commemorate the links shared.

This year, Commonwealth celebrations focus on the theme ‘Opportunity through Enterprise,’ aimed to highlight economic innovation throughout the Commonwealth.

Steve Howell, chairman of Wales World Wide, joined the BBC’s Good Morning Wales programme to discuss how Commonwealth connections can be used to leverage international trade.

“In the search for export-led growth and inward investment, we need to exploit every advantage we have, and one of them is the legacy of close relations with many of the 54 Commonwealth countries,” said Steve Howell.

“When you consider the Commonwealth includes India, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Nigeria – some of the most vibrant economies in the world – there’s every reason to give them a high priority.

“But we should not pose the Commonwealth against the EU or any other partners for that matter. After all, the likes of Brazil, Russia, China and, of course, the USA are in neither.

“The key for Wales is to be clear about our strengths and pursue opportunities in the biggest or fastest-growing markets that most closely match those strengths.

“This is what the Welsh Government has been doing through the sector panels and the trade missions – the next one being to Canada, a Commonwealth country.”

Listen to the full radio discussions on the business of the Commonwealth here.